Focus Groups

I have got to know the pupils in class 3 (mixed year 3’s and 4’s) rather well already, I have got to know the different personalities and I was looking forward to beginning my week of focus group activities.

Following a meeting with my class teacher, I was given two weeks of maths objectives for the whole class, however for the first week I would be applying these to a group of 10 children who are the lower maths abilities within the class.  We would be learning all about fractions. Having taught a reception class in my first placement, the concept of teaching fractions seemed a little daunting. I decided to sign up for a ‘Twinkl’ account, this site is full of bright, well designed and engaging resources – I would definitely recommend investing some of that student loan into a Twinkl account if you haven’t already, – it will provide you with lots of good ideas and interesting resources.

I read through the list of the weeks objectives and made a draft plan of what each lesson would involve. It’s a good idea to share draft plans with your class teacher as soon as possible so they can recommend any changes. I have now developed a routine with my class teacher where I email my plans over the evening before and she will reply with any advice/adaptations which I can then apply before teaching the lesson the following day.

Today is Thursday, I have Thursday afternoon’s off for PPA time. This is a great opportunity to get ahead with planning and start producing resources ready for my lessons. Our teaching timetable increases to 40% next week, I am carrying on fractions and teaching myths and legends in English, exciting!!

I best get back to planning!




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