First school trip!

seaSo 1st February, first day of placement and I am off on a school trip! Wahoo! My school is a two form entry school so there are two year four classes and both classes are off to the sea life centre and the Birmingham museum. It can be a little scary at first as I was given a group of 6 children to look after and I felt a bit like a nervous wreck thinking I hope they behave and don’t run off – but they really were as good as gold. Before getting on the coach there were around 5 children who suffered with travel sickness, so sick bags at the ready – luckily they had all took their tablets and we was good to go, no sick this time!

It was such a good day overall, you really get to spend time with the children outside the classroom and it is such a lovely feeling when a member of the public comment on how well behaved the children are, it really makes you feel proud! I had a great day, the sea life centre was amazing and the children was able to relate what they learnt to The Great Barrier Reef which they have been learning about during are January topic ‘Australia’. We had a tour and some lunch and then went over to the Birmingham museum to learn about Anglo Saxons! Fun fun fun!



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