It’s finally half term! Happy half term everybody!

After a busy 2 weeks of teaching, I’m really looking forward to a week off and having a  break back at home. The last 2 weeks have been a mixture of really positive experiences, as well as a few challenging ones!

On Monday 1st February I went on a trip with two children in my class to a maths day for ‘more able’ pupils. It was a great day as I got to know the children even better and got to witness some really good maths teaching – some of the problem solving activities I saw I’ll definitely be using with my class. The children we took were Year 1; however, the rest of the children there were Year 2. The children did really well and I felt so proud of them!

One of the big challenges over the last couple of weeks has been managing the behaviour in my class. Although there’s only 21 children, they’re quite a challenging bunch! It’s quite natural for children to try and push the boundaries or test the water when they get a new teacher. There was a moment on Tuesday where I began to really doubt myself as the children’s behaviour just seemed to be getting worse and worse. However, I knew that it wasn’t only me the children were playing up for and on Wednesday, the deputy head, class teacher and I, had a serious chat with the children. Since then we’ve been trying really hard to keep on top of behaviour by following the schools behaviour policy – and let’s just say there have been a lot of missed break-times! But, I’m happy to say that there has been a change in behaviour (for the better) overall and I’m looking forward to seeing all the children again after half term and giving them a fresh start when we start our new topic called ‘marvellous medics’!



Focus Groups

I have got to know the pupils in class 3 (mixed year 3’s and 4’s) rather well already, I have got to know the different personalities and I was looking forward to beginning my week of focus group activities.

Following a meeting with my class teacher, I was given two weeks of maths objectives for the whole class, however for the first week I would be applying these to a group of 10 children who are the lower maths abilities within the class.  We would be learning all about fractions. Having taught a reception class in my first placement, the concept of teaching fractions seemed a little daunting. I decided to sign up for a ‘Twinkl’ account, this site is full of bright, well designed and engaging resources – I would definitely recommend investing some of that student loan into a Twinkl account if you haven’t already, – it will provide you with lots of good ideas and interesting resources.

I read through the list of the weeks objectives and made a draft plan of what each lesson would involve. It’s a good idea to share draft plans with your class teacher as soon as possible so they can recommend any changes. I have now developed a routine with my class teacher where I email my plans over the evening before and she will reply with any advice/adaptations which I can then apply before teaching the lesson the following day.

Today is Thursday, I have Thursday afternoon’s off for PPA time. This is a great opportunity to get ahead with planning and start producing resources ready for my lessons. Our teaching timetable increases to 40% next week, I am carrying on fractions and teaching myths and legends in English, exciting!!

I best get back to planning!



First school trip!

seaSo 1st February, first day of placement and I am off on a school trip! Wahoo! My school is a two form entry school so there are two year four classes and both classes are off to the sea life centre and the Birmingham museum. It can be a little scary at first as I was given a group of 6 children to look after and I felt a bit like a nervous wreck thinking I hope they behave and don’t run off – but they really were as good as gold. Before getting on the coach there were around 5 children who suffered with travel sickness, so sick bags at the ready – luckily they had all took their tablets and we was good to go, no sick this time!

It was such a good day overall, you really get to spend time with the children outside the classroom and it is such a lovely feeling when a member of the public comment on how well behaved the children are, it really makes you feel proud! I had a great day, the sea life centre was amazing and the children was able to relate what they learnt to The Great Barrier Reef which they have been learning about during are January topic ‘Australia’. We had a tour and some lunch and then went over to the Birmingham museum to learn about Anglo Saxons! Fun fun fun!