I found a great phonics resource!

It states in your SBT booklet that during your preliminary visits you need to do some small group or intervention work. Having a phonics group is great for this because, in my experience, sessions tend to be 20 minutes max. My placement last year was in a Reception class so I taught quite a lot of phonics. I couldn’t recommend enough how important it is to try and teach phonics in your first year (if you’re in Key Stage 2, ask if you can get some phonics experience lower down the school)! Phonics can seem really scary if you don’t have any experience of it – so the sooner you get experience, the better!

During my preliminary visits I’m teaching two phonics groups a day. In the morning I have a group that’s a mixture of Reception and Year 1 children and in the afternoon I do a 10 minute phonics intervention with some Year 1s.

Whilst shopping the other day I came across this great resource for phonics. It was only from a pound shop, so it didn’t break the bank – a tiny wheelie bin!


Part of phonics teaching includes reading and writing alien (or nonsense) words. I thought this bin would be perfect for children to sort alien words into. I may even give the bin ears, mouth and a tail to make it look like an alien itself! Go and get yourself one of these tiny wheelie bins!





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