During my first week, I’ve made getting to know my school and my class a priority.

My placement is in a mixed Year 1 and 2 class with 21 pupils. I was quite excited about being in a small class as I thought this would make getting to know the children a lot easier. By the second day I knew all the children’s names – they were so impressed! A few ways I made getting to know the children easier for myself were:

  • Talking to the class teacher about the class
  • Asking for a class list
  • Offering to hand out books/letters/etc
  • Speaking to children individually during lessons
  • Going onto the playground (a lot of children will come up to you and introduce themselves!)

Being placed in a small school has made finding my way around a lot easier I was given a tour and introduced to all the staff – some of their names seemed to go in one ear and out the other! To get to know the staff better I’ve planned some observations for next week. From my previous placement, I know that making time to observe and talk to different teachers can be really helpful for my own practice.

This week, the school celebrated “Three Kings’ Day” – a Latin American and Spanish holiday. One afternoon, the whole school had a fiesta in the hall with pinatas, nachos, music and dancing. It was a really fun (but noisy) afternoon and I feel like it’s broken me into placement gently!

All in all, it’s been a great first week!



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