Pre placement nerves!

So Christmas is over and it is January, New Year new placement! As excited as I am to be starting my second placement in February I still get those pre placement nerves! The paperwork, school folder, PDP, wondering who my teacher will be, whether the children will be well behaved, what I will be teaching etc. Yes the questions and nerves still appear second time round! However I am excited and cannot wait to start my pre visits.

Pre visits are great – they really are a nice way to ease into the school, get to know the class, your teacher, the children, school policies, teaching time table etc, so enjoy them and make them useful, observe different teachers, make note of strategies you like, get to know the staff and keep on top of your school booklet – it really helps!

So… first day I arrive and I waited in the office, the secretary was really nice and gave me forms to fill out and policies to read around safeguarding, health and safety etc. Then the deputy came to get me, she introduced herself and showed me round the school. I met my class teacher and school mentor (your school mentor carries out your reviews and does the majority of your observations) I was in year 4 and have two class teachers who are both part time and my school mentor is the year 6 teacher. First day is always quite scary but the school day literally flies and the children are so lovely and friendly and want to know everything about you! I was nervous at first walking into the staff room and sitting there not knowing anyone, but just make yourself a cup of tea and relax everyone is really friendly and keen to know how you are getting on – you will soon fit in! Good luck year ones!



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